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about us

The mission of Arvi farms is to cultivate the most beautiful hydrangeas for our discerning customers who also expect unsurpassed service which includes superior communication, entailing openness, candor, clarity, accuracy, and immediacy.

At Arvi farms we believe that the standardization of head sizes, color tones, and packing protocols are elements crucial to generating products of the highest quality.

Our constant improvement philosophy is part of every process at the farm. For example, we address post-harvest with the utmost care and thought; all flowers circulate over a strict hydration process with Chrystal products, gentle packing is performed, and a full cold chain is ensured so that boxes reach the airport at the perfect temperature. Our state-of-the-art cold chain process comprises pre-cooling infrastructure, cooling, and refrigerated truck fleets. We are actively involved in the logistical process to make sure our flowers get shipped safely and on time from the airport.


Arvi farms is an Eco-friendly hydrangea farm located in La Ceja Colombia near de Medellin International Airport (MED)

Arvi is a new generation of hydrangea farm using top technology to generate healthy plants and superior blossoms.

With greenhouse/shade house production, and computerized drip irrigation we have total control of our production. Arvi Farms has pioneer the collection of rainwater as the main water source for irrigation.

Yet Arvi farm´s main driving force is its energetic and motivated employees who strive to innovate and cultivate top-quality hydrangeas.

Arvi Farms has three locations to take advantage of different micro-climates existing in Antioquia. Each area has better characteristics to grow different hydrangeas from soil, humidity, and access impact on the quality of the flowers. Arvi farm´s main driving force it’s the energetic, and motivated employees always striving to cultivate top-quality hydrangeas.

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