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sustainably grown garden roses

Arvi Farms in Colombia is an eco-friendly Garden Roses field located in La Ceja, Colombia, close to Medellin International Airport (MED). Arvi is a new-generation farm that uses progressive technology to generate healthy plants and superior blossoms. Along with our strategic physical growing locations, our pioneering in the collection of rainwater as a primary irrigation source, our greenhouse/shade house production, and computerized drip irrigation maximize our production.

At Arvi Farms, we are aware that in order to achieve excellence we must base our work on two fundamental pillars: environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

1. Environmental care

Since its inception, at Arvi Farms advanced agricultural techniques have been used that, in addition to allowing us to obtain a quality product, can be friendly to the environment.

  • One of our goals is to minimize the use of pesticides through the use of biological fungicides while improving plant health and soil care. For example, we use Trichoderma to protect our plants from diseases such as botrytis.


  • Pioneers in the development of new organic fertilizers and nutrients made with microorganisms that maintain soils—resulting in well-balanced soil, fertile and rich in nutrients.


  • We have rainwater collection processes which allow us to minimize water waste, while we generate a water reserve for the most arid times of the year.


  • We minimize organic waste generated on our farms.

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